Invitation to an inspirational evening at the Biological vocational university in Skara

Cooperation between education and industry

Experiences from the EU-project Peat Valley+


A modern school must be able to offer both research and education at a high level, work as a social innovator and be responsive to the needs of the labour market. To be successful with all of this, a close collaboration with the industry and the public sector is needed. During the evening we will describe how we have worked for an increased collaboration during the past few years and what experiences we will take with us into the future. Welcome to an evening full of inspiration and experience-sharing!


18.00-18.10      Registration


18.10-18.20      Welcome. Greetings form the Principal


18.20-18.50      Peat Valley+ - An International Educational Development Project with Focus on the Needs of the Branches of Trade


18.50-19.20      Soup Break. Reflections


19.20-19.40      A Dutch Example of Innovation Work Places – Higher Cooperation: Better or Other Results?


19.40-20.20      Student’s Experiences with PV+


20.20-21.00      Reporting about the Mapping